Food+Tech Connect and GRACE Communications Foundation are hosting the online conversation “Hacking Meat” (a series of articles), in which  leading food and technology innovators respond to the question: “How can information and technology be used to hack* (or reimagine) the future of meat?”

As the central element of most American plates, meat is one of the areas most prime for improvement in our food system. But while demand for sustainably raised meat is booming, the industry is having trouble scaling.  Which is why we’re inviting a diverse group of innovators to share ideas about how data, technology and new media can be used to reimagine a more sustainable, profitable and healthy future of meat.

Please join the conversation and share your own ideas or product requests in the guest post comments, on your own blog (send us a link), on Twitter (#hackmeat),  Facebook, and Tumblr.

Posted #hackmeat responses:

Hungry for more? Read the meaty ideas explored during last year’s Hacking Meat conversation.

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